What Is a Roof Rack?

Having a roof rack on your vehicle can give you peace of mind that your cargo will be secure. It can also protect your vehicle’s paint from dents and scratches. There are many kinds of roof racks that you can use for different purposes.

Yakima Load Warrior

Putting a roof rack on your vehicle may be one of the simplest and least expensive ways to increase your load capacity. The Yakima Load Warrior has the capability to carry up to 200 pounds, and the detachable mounting system means you can remove it in less than 3 minutes. It can also be locked for added security, and is a great way to make your vehicle even more convenient.

The Load Warrior is not the only roof rack on the market. Yakima also makes a number of cargo baskets that attach to a variety of factory racks. Its multi-use carrying capacity means you can carry a number of things, from kayaks to bikes. It also has a sturdy metal construction, and can be easily bolted into place. The basket is about 6.5 inches wide, and can be extended by an additional 18 inches, which makes it perfect for carrying extra cargo.

Menabo Sherman

Unlike most roof racks, the Menabo Sherman roof rack is compatible with your car’s open roof rail. It boasts a number of tested and proven features. The roof rack also features a built in T-slot, which makes it easier to store and carry a variety of cargo accessories. The roof bar itself is made of durable aluminum and includes all the tools you need to mount it to your vehicle.

The Menabo Sherman roof rack is the best way to haul heavy items from point A to point B. In addition to the obvious carry on items, it is also suitable for transporting ski racks and other sports gear. The roof bar also comes with a pair of roof bars, two of which have mounting feet, so you can have complete control over your load.

Yakima SUP Dawg

Whether you have one or two stand up paddle boards, the Yakima SupDawg will help you get your boards from Point A to Point B with ease. It is a two-board SUP carrier that features integrated rollers and SKS locks for easy loading and secure mounting. It comes fully assembled and ready to go.

The Yakima SupDawg is designed to fit Yakima round, aero, and factory bars. It includes bow and stern tie-down straps to secure the boards. It also includes a premium gloss black finish. Its strap management system includes steel core straps with SKS locks for secure mounting. It also includes soft padding.

The Yakima SupDawg is easy to install onto your vehicle’s roof rack bars. Its adjustable design allows it to fit up to two boards.

Thule Evo WingBar

Whether you are traveling in style or carrying your gear around town, the Thule Evo WingBar roof rack is the best way to go. This aerodynamic load bar is available in multiple lengths to fit most vehicles. It also features an integrated T-track system that makes installing accessories a cinch.

The Thule Evo WingBar is compatible with a wide range of accessories, including the Thule Touring Lite and Touring Lite+. The bar also features a large loading area. Its impressive internal box structure also means that it has the weight capacity to spare.

Rhino Rack Aero

Using Rhino Rack Aero roof rack for your vehicle is an effective way to load your car with a variety of things. Rhino Rack Aero Roof Racks are designed to form a sturdy platform for packing stuff. These roof racks come in different styles to fit your vehicle’s specific needs. They also have different accessories that can make them easier to use.

The Aero Roof Rack comes with a number of accessories that can help you carry a lot of things. These accessories include protective roof pads, crossbars, and AERO Roof Rack Pads. The Aero Roof Rack Pads are made of UV-resistant high-quality EVA foam, and match the smooth aerodynamic profile of the Aero Bars. They are backed by a one-year warranty. Go to the leading supplier of Rhino Roof Racks to make sure you get a warranty with your purchase.


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