Things to Consider in a Commercial Gas Deep Fryer

A commercial gas deep fryer is an essential item for many fast-food and restaurant establishments. It is because menus consisting of Mozzarella sticks, burgers, French fries, etc can only be quickly cooked and served with help from a commercial gas deep fryer.

Restaurants opting to add a commercial gas deep fryer have seen it as a worthy investment. Yet, what, exactly, is a commercial gas deep fryer?


What is a Commercial Gas Deep Fryer?

The need to fry large food batches using large quantities of oil becomes easier with help from a commercial gas deep fryer. Some of the food groups needing huge batches of frying include:

  • Chicken nuggets
  • Onion rings
  • Shrimps Tempura
  • Fried pickles
  • Fried Calamari
  • French fries

Appetizers and sides served in restaurants popularly use fried foods. With this, the presence of at least a fryer or two in many commercial kitchens has made it an essential piece of equipment.

The Different Models of Deep Fryers


Commercial deep fryers are composed of two main types, to include:

Floor models

More space is needed with floor deep fryers. However, this model is the best option for restaurants cooking large quantities of fried foods. High-volume fast-food establishments will do well with floor models for their robustness in handling consistent and daily use.

Countertop models

Opting for a countertop deep fryer model makes for better cooking performance while saving space as well. Minimal space is taken when the fryer can be placed on the countertop of a kitchen.

The Two Types of Power Source


Power options with deep fryers are limited to two sources: electric and gas.

Electric power source

Not only is an electric deep fryer easy to install; but it is also highly efficient. The models also provide varied heating options when contacting directly with cooking oil. They are also highly mobile but it also takes a while to heat them up.

Gas power source

The use of either a liquid propane tank or natural gas line is the power source of gas deep fryers. They offer faster heating and are considered a more cost-effective option. They may not be highly mobile but they provide quick and fast cooking and frying.

A Closer Look at the Burners of Commercial Deep Fryers

Like everything else in the world, there is no equality among commercial deep fryers. The choice depends on the need, convenience, and budget. Commercial deep fryers come in all shapes, sizes, brands, models, and features of burners, including:

Open pot burner

Many restaurant kitchens often use the open pot fryer model. The heating elements on the tank’s exterior make this fryer a popular choice for restaurants serving large batches of fried chicken, onion rings, fries, and a lot more. The ample cooking space provided by the fryer allows frying in large batches quick and easy. Being easy to maintain and clean contributes to the popularity of the fryer.

Flat bottom burner

Heat is distributed evenly by flat bottom burners. This feature makes the burners ideal for cooking tortilla chips, funnel cakes, donuts, and more.

Ribbon burner

The ribbon-like design at the bottom of the burner helps to quickly heat things up. A fast recovery is also seen in this type of burner. However, cleaning and maintaining the burner can be a damper.


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