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Geowash Hand Car Wash Service provides premium quality car wash service and is leading the vehicle washing industry with access to the latest technology and the most innovative product in the market, systems, product and technology unmatched by anyone.

With over 15 years of experience in the car wash industry, Geowash is a trusted international brand which currently operates in over 35 countries. Geowash Hand Car Wash Franchise success formula is placing a strong emphasis on team performance, warm and friendly customer service and a very high level of expertise in our car wash systems and processes. This has helped us build our brand and a reputation of being the leaders of the car wash industry in the world. Our brand has become the benchmark for both shopping centre and Hand car wash café style set up.

Our business systems are based on well documented processes, which are continually developed and supported by our experienced team at head office. From finance, building, lease management, site selection, operations or marketing, we assure you that Geowash Hand Car Wash has the most experienced and accomplished people in the franchise world.

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Geowash is a franchise system, which has capitalised on the growing changes of the population and the multi billion-dollar service and supply industry.

Franchising is now the fuel for expansion of the Geowash System. Franchising is a growth industry, making it difficult to imagine a main street, the local shopping centre, or a local council area without franchised outlets.

The world is a sophisticated market and the success of Geowash in so many countries where an increasingly mobile consumer has come to depend on and appreciate the consistent quality of franchised products and services is behind your success.

In Australia, in your own backyard, we have launched the same concept that has been highly successful overseas.

Why GEOWASH Hand Car Wash Franchise?

A Trusted Brand

Millions of people recognize and have trusted Geowash Hand Car Wash around the world for decades. Geowash brings with it brand awareness, and an established base of consumers who have trusted our products for decades.

World Class Franchise Support

Franchisees benefit from a powerful support system developed by our team’s franchising and car wash experience. Plus, you’ll stand out with world-renowned marketing expertise supporting you.

Proven Business Model

The Geowash Hand Car Wash business model incorporates multiple profit centers and state-of-the-art facilities to support a well-rounded investment and give you pride of ownership.


Geowash Shopping Centre Leasing Experts


Geowash works closely with McCredie group who can offer franchisee assistance securing excellent Prime sites.

McCredie had its genesis over 75 years ago as a professional consultancy established to provide Quantity Surveying and Project Management services to the building industry. Decades of experience focused upon attention to design detail, material selection, document co-ordination, project planning and budget have provided a solid foundation for our evolution into a specialised consultancy committed to serving the retail sector – our goal, to provide an unrivalled “end-to-end” retail delivery solution.

Today McCredie is led by a team of four directors, each passionate about the retail sector, with combined experience and expertise encompassing all facets of retail delivery:

  • Business modelling
  • Site selection and leasing
  • Concept and store design development
  • Prototyping
  • Project planning
  • Fit-out management
  • Budget control

New flagship store openings – multi site refurbishments – large scale rollouts.

We understand retail.

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