About Geowash

At Geowash we are passionate about cars, car washing and car detailing.

We have over 10 years experience in manufacturing, operating and franchising ecological car wash and detailing systems and our revolutionary concept and business model has been successfully implemented in more than 35 countries around the world.


Sanam Ali saw the convenience for customers to have their cars washed anytime anywhere and created a market for customers to have their cars washed where they were parked rather than driving to fixed location car washes. She is appointing Master Franchise operators in each state and then working with them to expand the network by selecting the best franchisees for individual Prime Sites. Sanam has partnered with the best in the industry – Franchise Brokers, Franchise Solicitors and Shopping Centre Leasing Agents in the country to systemise the whole process of selecting, qualifying and appointing the best Franchisees for Geowash. The Franchisees are then able to pick from a pool of available sites that the leasing specialist will will then negotiate. Sanam is determined to expand Geowash into every shopping centre and multi level car park of Australia and New Zealand, to develop a successful Franchisee Network and help her Franchisees succeed in this cash industry and to have the best Car Wash System.


To buy a car wash franchise the focus should be on a good investment in an ecologically friendly business. With a Geowash franchise buying a car wash business does not involve waiting for customers to come to you for a car wash, we take the car wash to them. The Geowash Car wash franchise operates in the car parks of Australia and New Zealand allowing customers to have their cars washed and detailed right where they are parked.

Geowash is an ecologically friendly car wash system that saves car wash customers millions of liters of water a year for Geowash customers who have their car washed in a shopping center, a multi level car park, a hospital or anywhere large numbers of cars are parked.

The Geowash Franchise is already operating in 35 countries around the world. Prime site leases have already been negotiated with the largest Leasing Managers in the country. Prime car wash franchise business for sale sites are available for Franchisees and investors. All costs associated with establishing the Franchisees Car wash business are included when they buy a car wash franchise.

The investment includes a prime site, currently they are over 100 sites that have been identified as prime sites to cater to the demand for investors who are interested in buying a car wash franchise. When the investor buys a Geowash franchise it includes the lease in a prime site, all the equipment including Geowash Carts, the shop build on the site, the initial car wash solution, a Point of Sale system, full training, hiring of staff, initial car wash customers and ongoing support.

The Geowash Franchise has two parts allowing individual Franchisees to buy and operate their own car wash business in a prime site. It also caters for investors who want to profit from a car wash business without washing a car themselves. With this business opportunity an investor can buy a car wash franchise which is run under management generating revenue.

Geowash Master Franchise opportunities are also available to investors who wish to benefit from the sale of Geowash Car wash franchises. The Geowash Master Franchisee receives a profit on the sale of a Car wash franchise and benefits from the weekly franchise fees paid to support their franchisees. Finn’s Franchise brokers who are the largest franchise broker in Australia conduct all sales. National advertising is generating hundred of enquiries from people who want to buy their own business. Franchise sales will be made for the Geowash Master, sites are selected and negotiated on behalf of the Franchisee buying a car wash business and training and Geowash oversees all training and support.

Sanam Ali is the Geowash Franchisor in Australia and is working with her Master Franchisees to roll out the network of car wash businesses throughout the country. Sanam Ali is keen to duplicate the success of the Geowash Global model and opportunities are now available for investors who wish to profit by buying a car wash franchise today.

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